MPS 手持云台三相BLDC马达驱动解决方案MP6536

MP6536  Features & Benefits


The MP6536 is a 3-channel half-bridge driver IC intended to drive a 3-phase brushless DC motor. 
The MP6536 features a low-current shutdown mode, standby mode, input under-voltage protection, current limit, thermal shutdown, and fault flag signal output. All channels of the drivers interface with standard logic signals.
The MP6536 is available in a 40 lead QFN 5mmx5mm package.


  • 5V to 26V VDD
  • ±5.5A Peak Current Output
  • Up to 1MHz PWM Frequency
  • Protected Integrated Power 0.14Ω Switches
  • 10ns Switch Dead Time
  • All Switches Current Limited
  • Internal Under-Voltage Protection
  • Internal Thermal Protection
  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • Fault Output Flag

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The MP6535 is a gate driver IC designed for 3-phase brushless DC motor driver applications. It is capable of driving 3 half bridges consisting of 6 N-channel Power MOSFETs up to 55V.

It includes a 500mA buck regulator to generate local power for a microcontroller or other circuitry,

The MP6535 uses bootstrap capacitor to generate a supply voltage of high-side MOSFET driver, and an internal trickle charge circuit maintains sufficient gate driver voltage at 100% duty cycle.

Internal safety features include programmable over-current protection, adjustable dead time protection, UVLO and thermal shutdown. 

The device has three Hall-sensor inputs. Commutation logic is determined by three Hall-element inputs spaced at 120°. The PWM, DIR, and nBRAKE inputs are used to control motor speed, position, and torque.

The MP6535 is available in a 40-contact 5mmx5mm QFN with an exposed thermal pad.

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  • Wide 5V to 55V Input Voltage Range
  • Hall Sensor Inputs
  • Bootstrap Gate Driver with Trickle Charge Circuit Supports 100% Duty Cycle Operation
  • 500mA buck regulator
  • Low Power Sleep Mode for Battery-powered Applications
  • Programmable Over-current Protection of External MOSFETs
  • Adjustable Dead Time Protection to Prevent Shoot Through
  • Thermal Shutdown and UVLO Protection
  • Fault Indication Output
  • Thermally Enhanced Surface-Mount Package

Evaluation Tools

EV6535-U-00A Evaluation Kit 5V 至 55V、带降压调节器的 3 相直流无刷电机预驱动评估板

EV6535-U-00A 是 3 相直流无刷电机预驱动 MP6535 的评估板。其工作电压高达 55V,可驱动由 6 个 N 通道功率 MOSFET 组成的 3 个半桥。由装在电机内部的霍尔传感器提供转子位置信息,由外部控制器生成驱动控制信号,如 MCU、FPGA 等。